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5. Designing Softwares

Before jump into laser engravinglaser cutting techniques, we need to understand some facts about laser engraving softwares and their application

5.1 Raster Vs Vector

Raster image is a widely used image format can be a created using a pixel based softwares or captured with camera , normal raster formats are JPG,PNG,GIF etc

A raster image have specific number of pixels when you are trying to enlarge picture become blurry

Vector Images are created by vector based softwares and CAD programs such as Corel Draw,Autocad etc. Vector images use mathematical relations instead of pixels so it can be scale it into any size without affecting quality.

Common Vector file formats are DXF,SVG

Laser Cutting Software Laser Engraving Software

5.2 2D Vector Designing Softwares

Following softwares help you to create your own design files for laser cutting .

Rank Software Cost Main Features
#1 Coreldraw 16.5$/Month
  • Popular Software
  • Easy for laser cutting applications
#2 Inkscape Free
  • Opensource
  • Easy to use
#3 Adobe Illustrator 33.99$/Month
  • Popular Software
  • Great Support
  • Google Sketchup
  • SolidWorks
  • Autocad
  • Rhino
  • Onshape
  • Tinkercad
  • Any other softwares which supports DXF exporting

5.3 Laser  Engraving Softwares 

laser engraving softwares is easily converts your image into engraving format , these softwares are compatible with most of the laser cutters

  1. Lightburn

It is the best software for photo engraving , for more information visit their website

Price : 80$ , Trial Version Available

It is a best laser engraving software for high qulaity laser engraved photos

laser engraving software light burn

  1. Photograv

Price :395$

It is also good laser engraving software but it is little bit expensive ,for more info please visit

Laser engraving software photograv

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