Laser Cutting Business – Boost Your Sales through Online

8. Laser Cutting Business Boost Your Sales through Online

In previous chapter we learned lot of production ideas which is getting some good sales , but we need to expand customer base using following methods now we are explaining more abour boosting your laser cutting business or laser engraving business

Laser Cutting Business

1. Start an Online Store in Etsy

You can easily sell your laser cut products in worldwide using the platform “Etsy” it is a world’s largest marketplace for creative products which have 33 million users .

Go to and Click “Sell on Etsy” on top right corner

2. Start Your Own Online Store 

You will get more profit if you are selling directly to customers , starting a small ecommerce shop is a good idea , but the problem is initial marketing first you need to promote your online store via social media and other marketing channels

If you have some good computer & internet skills you can develop yourself by using readymade ecommerce solutions like “Woocommerce” or “Shopify” ,otherwise you need to consult with a web developer .

3. Social Media

Now a days Social Media Marketing is very important also it helps lot for boosting sales , regularly post your products in your social media channels with shop details or etsy link .

you can also promote your business page or product posts through paid advertising , if you are not good with social media marketing consulat a digital marketing expert

4. Google Business and SEO

Register your shop in google business with address and contact details , also you need to list your business in all available online classifieds and local business platforms .

Search Engine Optimization is another method for showing your business details in first page when an user searching these services .

Eg:- when an user searching “Customized Gift Shop near me “ that time your shop will come as first result

you need to consult an SEO Expert for that .

5. Exhibitions and Maker Faires

You can showcase your products in nearby exhibitions and Makerfaires , it gives you a good local publicity to your business . you can find some ideas for making products here 

6. Find B2B Customers

Market your products to business customers like advertising companies,event management,hotels,schools etc . it gives you bulk orders .

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