Laser Cutter Parts Accessories

11. Laser Cutter Parts  & Accessories

Main replacement parts of the laser machine are

11. Machine Replacement Parts & Accessories

Main replacement parts of the laser machine is Lens and Laser Tube , need to replace laser tube after 1200-2000 hours of operation, you can purchase and install a new laser tube.

Laser Tube – Laser Cutter Parts

laser cutter machine parts laser tube laser cutter parts laser machine parts

Source :Indiamart,Bosslaser

Lens – Laser Cutter Parts

After hundreds of hours usage lense of the machine become corroded,so we need to replace that for better performance of the machine .

laser cutter parts lens

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Stepper Motor – Laser Cutter Parts

Steppers motors are used in laser cutters for driving the Axises, It is connected to a linear rail and belt mechanism, input of the stepper motor connected to stepper driver of the controller board

Laser Cutter parts Upgrade Stepper Motor

Water Chiller / Water Cooler

Water Chiller is used to circulate water through a laser tube for cooling purposes.

Laser Cutter Parts Chiller

Laser Tube Power Supply

This power supply is dedicated for laser tube for producing laser beams

Laser Cutter Parts Power Supply

Laser Controller Unit

This is the brain of the laser cutter machine, it drives entire system based on the data from the computer software, all the features of your machine depending on the controller so selection of the controller is very important, most of the Chinese manufacturers are using RUIDA controller it has a lot of advanced features, International branded lasers are using their own controllers.

Laser Cutter Parts Controller Board

Source: Aliexpress

Air blower /Exhaust Fan

It is very essential for your health and your machine’s health, air blower sucks fumes and gases from laser machines and exhaust it outside.

Laser Cutter Parts Exhaust Fan

Safety Goggles for Laser Cutter

Always wear a good quality laser safety goggles while operating your machine, it will protect your eyes from laser rays emission.

Laser cutter parts safety glass

Source : Trotec

Rotary Axis for Laser Engraver

Rotary axis is an additional attachment to the laser bed for engraving cylindrical objects like glass, mugs,etc..

laser cutter parts upgrade rotary engraver

Source : Aliexpress

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