Laser Cut Price Calculator

12. Cost and Price Calculator

12.1 Business Starting Requirements

To start your small business, you need a minimum

  1. Laser Machine: Entry Level Laser Machine costing from 2000$-10000$
  2. Air blower / Exhaust Fan: Costing from 500$-6000$
  3. Computer: Mid Level Computer with Windows 7,810 800$-1500$
  4. Vector Designing Software: any free or paid vector designing softwares 0$-5000$
  5. Rotary Attachment (Optional) – It is only for engraving in cylindrical objects 300$-600$
  6. Furniture(Optional) : Computer Table,Machine Table and Office table 200$-400$

12.2 Pricing for Laser Cutting Work

  • Machine Cost
  • Designing Cost
  • Material Cost

Costing depending on your location and customers, but i am sharing a sample formula for pricing your service.

Price = Material Cost X 2


Laser Time(Minutes) X 1


Designing Time (Minutes) X 0.5


Finishing Time(Sanding,Painting) X 0.5

You can easily price and send invoice using the following application CNCTeller , Now it is web-based but their offline software version will release soon.

CNC Teller

CNC Teller is a web application for CNC, Laser and Plasma users to ease their daily CNC related tasks such as Price Calculator, Invoicing, Work Scheduling and Analytics

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