Safety while using Laser Cutting Machines

6. Safety while using Laser Cutting Machines

Laser cutter machines emit very powerful invisible radiation, laser cutting safety precautions must be taken when using laser cutter machines to ensure no injury or machine damage

Laser Cutting Safety


6.1 Hazards of Laser Cutting Machine

  1. Hazards of Toxic Gases

When we are cutting some materials it will produce some toxic fumes an air filter is mandatory for laser cutting machines , however it can’t remove all toxic gases so always use approved materials only.

  • PVC(Polyvinyl Chloride) is releases toxic hydrogen chloride gas when laser cutting ,it also corrodes your machine ,so Do Not laser cut PVC .
  • The Laser Cutting of Nylon and Polyurethane produces toxic hydrogen cyanide gas, so Do Not use them
  1. Fire Hazards

Fires are rare when cutting approved materials in a well maintained machines, but in some cases fire may be arise, so always follow safety guidelines and install a fire extinguisher near the machine .

  1. Burns

Laser beams can burn your skin and eye , so always wear protective glass and make sure your lid is closed while operating the machine .

Never Cut these Materials

SI NO Material Reason
1 PVC Emits Toxic Gas
2 Nylon Emits Toxic Gas
3 Artificial Leather Emits Toxic Gas
4 Polypropylene Foam Catches Fire
5 Polystyrene Foam Catches Fire
6 Fiberglass Fumes
7 HDPE Catches Fire
8 Epoxy Smoke

6.2 Safety Guidelines While Using Laser Machine

  1. before using laser cutter be sure you have been trained by a qualified instructor
  2. read manufacturer’s instructions before powering ON
  3. a fire extinguisher should be mounted on the wall near the laser machine
  4. never leave the laser cutter unattended
  5. only cut approved materials
  6. always wear eye protection glasses
  7. keep the lid closed all the times other than material loading
  8. clean up debris in the laser cutter
  9. Keep a log book detailing who has used the laser cutter and time
  10. avoid placing laser cutter on wooden tables

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