Laser Cutting Machines

3. Laser Cutting Machines

3 types of laser engraving cutting machines are generally used in industry which as follows

1) CO2 Laser Cutting Machine (40 Watts – 200 Watts)

2) Fiber Laser Engraving Machine (10 – 50 Watts)

3)Fiber Laser Cutting Machines (upto 5000 Watts)

4)Semiconductor Laser Marking Machine (0.5 watts – 5 Watts )

3.1 CO2 Laser Cutting Laser Engraving Machine

This is the most common and cheap laser machine which is normally used for engraving and cutting of non metal materials like plastic,acrylic,wood,paper,leather etc. its power ranging between 40 Watts to 200 Watts .

Laser Cutting Machine Co2 Laser Cutter Laser Engraving Machine Trotec Laser Engraving Machine

Source :

Laser Source : Gas Tube which contains mixture of carbon dioxide,nitrogen,hydrogen etc

Commonly Available Powers : 40 Watts,60 Watts,80 Watts,100 Watts,120 Watts,150 Watts

Available Bed Sizes : 30cmX20cm ,30cmX60cm,60cmX90cm,130cmX90cm,4 feet X 8 feet

Sample Outputs

Laser Cutting Plywood Co2 Laser

Laser Engraving on LeatherLaser Engraving on Acrylic Laser Cut KeychainLaser Cut Design Laser Cut Lamp Laser cut on plywood

Laser Engraving on Glass Co2 Laser CutterLaser Engraving on Wood

Image Sources:Trotec,AP Laser,all3DP,Allbiz,Alibaba

3.2 Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

Fiber laser marking machines are mainly used for marking in metals and non metals ,it is very expensive compared to co2 machines .

Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

Source :

Sample Outputs

Laser Engraving on Phone

Laser Engraving on Metal Laser Engraving on GunLaser Engraving on Pen

Laser Engraved name plateLaser Engrave on Ring

Image Sources :,Printing PressDubai,,Trotec,Youtube,TYKMA Electrox

3.3 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

It is very powerful and very expensive laser machine which is widely used for cutting metals manufacturing industries .

Metal Laser Cutting Machine Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Source : StyleCNC

Sample Outputs

Metal Laser Cut Gate

Laser Cut Metal Steel

Image Sources:IndiaMart,TrilokLasers,Trimuph Lasers,,CTR Lasers

3.4 Semiconductor Laser for Engraving

It is a low power laser used for engraving purpose only , it can engrave on wood,acrylic etc . it is very cheap .

Mini Laser Engraver Desktop laser Cutting

Source :Banggood

Sample Outputs

Desktop laser cutter

Image Source :Michael Fung:youtube

Machine Comparison Table

SI No Laser Machine Materials can Cut & Engrave Materials Can Engrave Only Watts Price
1 Co2 Laser Machine Wood






Metal 40W- 200 W 2000$-15000$
2 Fiber Marking Machine Metal


10W – 50W 5000$-15000$
3 Fiber Cutting Machine Metals 500W-10000W above 50000$
4 Semiconductor Mini Engraver Wood



0.5 Watts – 5 Watts 100$-400$

Popular Laser Brands

  1. Trotec Laser
  2. Epilog Laser
  3. Full Spectrum Laser
  4. Glowforge

Chinese Machines

  1. Radiumwin
  2. Leapion
  3. Bodor Laser

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